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April 25, 2013

Arturs Kadikis

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Website about Arturs Kadikis and his VPB: Arturs Kadikis


September 26, 2012

Mashballs – The Game

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The great Baller is here

Ultimate MashBall leader has to stand up to hit all the annoying balls and You have to help him! Collect points, overcome obstacles, accelerate on super bouncers, switch gravity and even use magnetic fields from your own finger tips, all to smash the mocking balls.

April 1, 2011

Find similar video games to the ones you like

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Do you have a favorite video game? Did you have a feeling that you want to find something similar, after finishing it? Now there’s an easy way to do it.
GameDipper offers service that allows you to search for similar games to the ones you like.
More information about how GameDipper works.

So next time when you’ll want to find something similar to the game you already know, let be the first place to try.

Example: Games similar to Diablo II

August 14, 2010

Mobile phone of your dreams

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Want to buy a mobile phone, but don’t know where to start?
Don’t know what latest mobile phones can offer you?

It doesn’t matter, if you know all the details about latest technologies and know exactly what you want from your mobile phone, or the very opposite, don’t know anything about technologies, and don’t know what you can or want to get from your mobile phone. will help you choose a perfect mobile phone that suits you. You will be able to choose from many provided search parameters of what you want from your mobile phone, which will be explained in a simple matter, so you could decide do you need it or not.
Just enter all information, what you think might be useful, if our mobile phone would have it, and get list of mobile phones that suits your needs. It’s that simple.
Just click here to get to Dream-Mobile phone finder now.

Sitemap generator

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Sitemap generator uses curl multi HTTP request handler to achieve maximum website parsing speed. It parses site and creates XML format sitemap for your site and allow you to submit it to search engines like Google, yahoo, ASK, Bing and moreover with only one click.
Sitemaps allows search engines to index your pages better and faster, which will get your more traffic from search engines in shorter time period.
Sitemap generator parses your web like it does search engines, so if URL that is on your site won’t appear in sitemap, it would mean, that search engine bots won’t get it too, so you’ll must re-think your websites internal navigation linking.
Click here to generate your sitemap or submit it to search engines.

July 31, 2010

QR codes for mobile phones

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What is QR codes?
A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobiles phones with camera, and smartphones.

Where is it used?
It is used in Japan since 2005 in advertising, mobile payments, hardlinking etc

How to use QR codes?
Download QR code reader to your mobile phone, take a picture of QR code and let a program interpret this code like URL, phone number, text message, wifi configuration etc.

Why do you need it?
Today QR codes are not so popular, but that can change in nearest years
Image, you don’t have to input different code as sms to make payments for something, you just take a picture of QR code and you are ready to pay with your mobile phone.
You find a joke in news paper, but you won’t want to write it down, you just use your mobile phone, to take picture of QR code of jokes text, and text will be saved to your phone.
Or you are shopping, and there QR codes near prices of any product. QR codes that contain manufacturer website or review website, so you don’t have to search for that information, you can get it instantly using your mobile phone.

So try out now, what everyone will be using in future.

QR code generator

And here are few sources where to download QR code reading software for your mobile phone:

July 30, 2010

Code snippets for website development

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There is a website with different tips and ready to use code snippets for website development.
Nice one for PHP programmers
Code snippets
Couple of interesting posts:
Make first letter of every sentence uppercase
Display users online without database
Crop data from database or Read more feature
Generate QR code with meta data
Get your unread GMail emails
Don’t use index.php or index.html
Session security – fixation and hijacking
Making IE behave like normal browser
Make dynamic form using javascript
Dynamic sub-domains for website optimization
AJAX suggestion script like in google

July 22, 2010

Original birthday greeting

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Wanna surprise your friend with original birthday greeting?
You can create anything from on-line quiz to adventure of present searching with multiple tasks to perform even if you are not near your friend at his birthday.
Your fantasy is the limit.

July 10, 2010

July 8, 2010

Check your phobias

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Check if you have any specific phobia, by looking at an image, that might be frightful for people with this phobia. For entertaining purposes only, do not take this serious.
Images are just interpretations of what frightens people with these phobias.


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