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October 17, 2009

Vai jāizkar valsts karogs? (Privāt māju iedzīvotājiem)

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Pats nebiju saskāries ar šo problēmu, bet zinu, ka privātmājas iedzīvotājiem visos valsts svētkos un atceres dienās jāizkar karogs.

Tāpēc visiem privātmāju iedzīvotājiem veltīts

Ļauj viegli uzzināt, vai šodien jāizkar karogs.

Pie tam satur arī informāciju par to, kādi svētki šodien ir, kā pareizi jaizkar karogs, kādam tām jābūt un citu svarīgu informāciju.


October 16, 2009

Ir krīze

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Visi Latvijas iedzīvotāji cieš no krīzes. Katrs ir kaut ko upurējis krīzes dēļ…
Daudzi cilvēki atraduši veidus kā ietaupīt un dalās ar dažādiem tapīšanas padomiem.
Un visiem patīk joki, krīzes joki, par to, kāda tad ir tagad mūsu ikdiena un ko krīze izmainīja.

Par to visu:

Mirrored text

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Want to learn to write in mirrored text like Da Vinci?
Want to trick your friends by sending them inverted texts?

Then this is for you:

October 15, 2009

Upload files from PC to your cell phones

Your mobile phone has too little free space for all your ringtones, mp3, pictures and games?
You don’t have a cable to upload your files to your phone?

Now you can do it easily with

If you need to upload only one or few files, just upload them, and get the ID to download them from our WAP server directly from your phone Files will be stored for 30 days.

If you want to upload more files, manage them and keep them online, just register and you’ll could easily access all your uploaded files

October 13, 2009

Access blocked pages at your school, office, libraries…

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How often do you use Internet in your school, work, office etc, where all your favorite websites like myspace, facebook and others, are blocked.

There is a way how to access them will help you access your favorite website from places, where they are blocked.

Web connection – for domain name blocking. It will use sites IP address to connect to it. It’s pretty fast and you won’t notice a difference between your ordinary surfing and using web connection.That is the first thing to try.

If Web connection doesn’t work, then your Internet access place is more secured, so you’ll have to try proxy based connection, which will work through this site and encrypt all data that is coming in and out. Besides it let’s you manage all cookies that will be created.

But that’s theory, in practice just enter your website address into text field in Web connection or Proxy connection section and surf your favorite site from anywhere.

When will the world end?

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From the beginning of the human race, people knew, that someday this world will come to an end. And there were many predictions and prophecies, that we all know now, have failed.

But which will be the next one?
But what are the future prophecies?
How much time left until we see if it’s true?
How will the world come to an end?

Answers to this type of questions can give this site:


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Rorschach or inkblot test.

Inkblots are drawings without any specific meaning, and they doesn’t show any specific picture, but your imagination, by trying to interpret what you see and any meaning in it, finds a picture what you see.

Different people looking on the same inkblot will see something different. And picture what you see, shows what’s on your mind, what you are thinking about, what bothers you, because your mind interpret that picture based on your thinking, on your logic, on your imagination.

If you have spare 30 minutes to look at inkblots, to try to interpret them and analyze yourself, you’re welcome to do it here:

This test doesn’t have right or wrong answers, only your interpretations. Share them, and you’ll see what others saw and you didn’t noticed in those same inkblots…

Free signal of internet

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Everyone likes all the Free stuff that Internet can give you., like free TV channels or radio stations, etc.
So why don’t use it.
One great thing that I found was a sightseeing. You can explore whole world with free web-cam broadcast. And today I want to show one special place, and you better look at it in the evening or night.

Everyday calculator

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Old trick with love calculators, but only with new theme and “deeper” meaning. And it’s FREE. For ones it’ll be entertaining for 5 – 10 minutes, others may find a practical use of it.

For special moments and events

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Life has a tendency of giving us memorable, special moments. Ones are so sudden and unpredictable like a win in lottery, others are so predictable, foreseeable and accurate that we are counting every seconds towards it.
It could be anything, from national holidays to visits to dreadful events like visiting dentist on Thursday afternoon.

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