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November 14, 2009

Things you want to do, but always forget

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How often, when you see a trailer of upcoming movie, and you think
“I want to watch that movie”
But after some time you forget it’s name?

Ho often do you hear cool song on the radio, and Dj calls the name of the song, but later while uploading songs to your mp3 player, you can’t remember what song it was?

Have you ever come up with interesting ideas for birthday presents for your friends, but when his or her birthday actually comes, you forgot what you wanted to buy and give just a crappy souvenir you just bought?

Did you ever try to write down all your ideas? And always loose that sheet of paper you write down on? will help you with your problems.

You can create your own to do lists, like “Movies-to-watch”
and then add items to it, edit them or mark them as completed,
when you actually did what you wanted to do.

And you can access all your lists from your PC:
Or through your mobile phone:

Don’t forget what you wanted to do! 😉


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