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August 14, 2010

Mobile phone of your dreams

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Want to buy a mobile phone, but don’t know where to start?
Don’t know what latest mobile phones can offer you?

It doesn’t matter, if you know all the details about latest technologies and know exactly what you want from your mobile phone, or the very opposite, don’t know anything about technologies, and don’t know what you can or want to get from your mobile phone. will help you choose a perfect mobile phone that suits you. You will be able to choose from many provided search parameters of what you want from your mobile phone, which will be explained in a simple matter, so you could decide do you need it or not.
Just enter all information, what you think might be useful, if our mobile phone would have it, and get list of mobile phones that suits your needs. It’s that simple.
Just click here to get to Dream-Mobile phone finder now.


July 31, 2010

QR codes for mobile phones

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What is QR codes?
A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobiles phones with camera, and smartphones.

Where is it used?
It is used in Japan since 2005 in advertising, mobile payments, hardlinking etc

How to use QR codes?
Download QR code reader to your mobile phone, take a picture of QR code and let a program interpret this code like URL, phone number, text message, wifi configuration etc.

Why do you need it?
Today QR codes are not so popular, but that can change in nearest years
Image, you don’t have to input different code as sms to make payments for something, you just take a picture of QR code and you are ready to pay with your mobile phone.
You find a joke in news paper, but you won’t want to write it down, you just use your mobile phone, to take picture of QR code of jokes text, and text will be saved to your phone.
Or you are shopping, and there QR codes near prices of any product. QR codes that contain manufacturer website or review website, so you don’t have to search for that information, you can get it instantly using your mobile phone.

So try out now, what everyone will be using in future.

QR code generator

And here are few sources where to download QR code reading software for your mobile phone:

December 12, 2009

Location, location, location

You have been on a vacation to a beautiful place and want to show it in your blog?

Want to create map with all branch offices for your companies website visitors?

You want to quickly show your friend a map with different locations and descriptions about locations

You can do it easily here:

Create your own google map with your defined locations, descriptions and even links, where visitor will go when clicking on locations, and optionally add location menu, so visitors could easily navigate through your map.

then get a small code what to put in your webpage or blog, to show this map to your visitors

or if you dont have a blog, you can just use link to show your created map to anyone

Thats easy!

November 14, 2009

Things you want to do, but always forget

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How often, when you see a trailer of upcoming movie, and you think
“I want to watch that movie”
But after some time you forget it’s name?

Ho often do you hear cool song on the radio, and Dj calls the name of the song, but later while uploading songs to your mp3 player, you can’t remember what song it was?

Have you ever come up with interesting ideas for birthday presents for your friends, but when his or her birthday actually comes, you forgot what you wanted to buy and give just a crappy souvenir you just bought?

Did you ever try to write down all your ideas? And always loose that sheet of paper you write down on? will help you with your problems.

You can create your own to do lists, like “Movies-to-watch”
and then add items to it, edit them or mark them as completed,
when you actually did what you wanted to do.

And you can access all your lists from your PC:
Or through your mobile phone:

Don’t forget what you wanted to do! 😉

October 15, 2009

Upload files from PC to your cell phones

Your mobile phone has too little free space for all your ringtones, mp3, pictures and games?
You don’t have a cable to upload your files to your phone?

Now you can do it easily with

If you need to upload only one or few files, just upload them, and get the ID to download them from our WAP server directly from your phone Files will be stored for 30 days.

If you want to upload more files, manage them and keep them online, just register and you’ll could easily access all your uploaded files

October 13, 2009

Access blocked pages at your school, office, libraries…

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How often do you use Internet in your school, work, office etc, where all your favorite websites like myspace, facebook and others, are blocked.

There is a way how to access them will help you access your favorite website from places, where they are blocked.

Web connection – for domain name blocking. It will use sites IP address to connect to it. It’s pretty fast and you won’t notice a difference between your ordinary surfing and using web connection.That is the first thing to try.

If Web connection doesn’t work, then your Internet access place is more secured, so you’ll have to try proxy based connection, which will work through this site and encrypt all data that is coming in and out. Besides it let’s you manage all cookies that will be created.

But that’s theory, in practice just enter your website address into text field in Web connection or Proxy connection section and surf your favorite site from anywhere.

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