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August 14, 2010

Sitemap generator

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Sitemap generator uses curl multi HTTP request handler to achieve maximum website parsing speed. It parses site and creates XML format sitemap for your site and allow you to submit it to search engines like Google, yahoo, ASK, Bing and moreover with only one click.
Sitemaps allows search engines to index your pages better and faster, which will get your more traffic from search engines in shorter time period.
Sitemap generator parses your web like it does search engines, so if URL that is on your site won’t appear in sitemap, it would mean, that search engine bots won’t get it too, so you’ll must re-think your websites internal navigation linking.
Click here to generate your sitemap or submit it to search engines.


October 13, 2009

For special moments and events

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Life has a tendency of giving us memorable, special moments. Ones are so sudden and unpredictable like a win in lottery, others are so predictable, foreseeable and accurate that we are counting every seconds towards it.
It could be anything, from national holidays to visits to dreadful events like visiting dentist on Thursday afternoon.

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