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September 26, 2012

Mashballs – The Game

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The great Baller is here

Ultimate MashBall leader has to stand up to hit all the annoying balls and You have to help him! Collect points, overcome obstacles, accelerate on super bouncers, switch gravity and even use magnetic fields from your own finger tips, all to smash the mocking balls.


April 1, 2011

Find similar video games to the ones you like

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Do you have a favorite video game? Did you have a feeling that you want to find something similar, after finishing it? Now there’s an easy way to do it.
GameDipper offers service that allows you to search for similar games to the ones you like.
More information about how GameDipper works.

So next time when you’ll want to find something similar to the game you already know, let be the first place to try.

Example: Games similar to Diablo II

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